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The Man Behind The Brush

Meet Ryan Hanna: working man, painter, entrepreneur and self-admitted mad man.  Ryan took to painting as stress-and-boredom relief one Christmas eve 2017. He was stranded alone in a company house in northern Washington, when he picked up a paint set... and well... I guess the rest is history

There's more to Ryan than meets the eye. He's no standard portrait of an artist. Blue-collar clothes and calloused stained hands are not the image "artist" conjures up for most of us. His soul, though, is anything but blue collar. The experience of his work is more of an old-soul artisan than a corporate laborer, and it is here you meet the true Ryan. He brings a fresh set of eyes to an ancient form of expression. His style is timeless.

 We are all getting to know Ryan as an artist a little bit at a time. Though he is only a few years into his prolific painting career, his talent and skill is innate. Stay tuned for what this charismatic character has to bring to the art world, as his style and artistry is changing every day! You won't want to miss it!

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